Three decades have passed, and Batman’s legacy is still somewhat unsettled. Matt Thorne, Anil Dash, Jay Gabler, and Prince’s Friend celebrate the soundtrack. Yet, Rolling Stone, AllMusic, and City Pages treat it as if it’s damaged goods.

Prince was untouchable during his first decade as a recording artist. Batman is not where he slammed the brakes on his genius streak, though.

Expectations for director Tim Burton’s gritty Batman reboot were high. Richard Donner’s first two Superman films were the benchmark for superhero cinema. But even that series fizzled out due to lackluster sequels.

While assembling a rough cut of the…

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Of all the hot takes I’ve seen on Twitter, nothing prepared me for this one. I didn’t think someone could contradict themselves this much in less than 280 characters. Then again, the Internet remains undefeated.

When Vulture’s Bill Wyman ranked all 147 of Michael Jackson songs in 2017, his list stuck with me. I didn’t agree with his odd rankings or ignorant commentary. But I did agree with most of the songs that made his Top 50.

Our connection to Michael’s music changes as we get older. Some songs became instant classics the moment we heard them. Others had to grow on us. Since this year marks his 50th anniversary as a solo artist, it’s time to update Vulture’s list!

Only a handful of songs in Prince’s legendary catalog give “When Doves Cry” a run for its money. “Purple Rain” is one, as is “Sometimes It Snows in April” from Parade. “If I Was Your Girlfriend” breathes in the same rarified air.

It’s one of those rare recordings that few would dare to try, let alone pull off successfully. A master musical fusionist, Prince could reinvent his signature sound at will. Those cool Linn-Drums, warm bass slaps, heavenly organ swells, and ghostly synths have the power to dim lights and ignite candles on their own accord. …

The disrespect has to stop.

One critic said, “The most interesting thing is how he pronounced ‘part’ (‘poo-what!’) in the title phrase.”

Acclaimed Music left it off their Top Songs of All Time list of 10,000 songs.

When most fans debate Michael’s best songs, they rarely mention it, including yours truly. (Ouch!)

I’m sorry, “Another Part of Me.” You’re underrated.


The first sounds you hear are the roaring THX Deep Note and sparkling chimes, making you feel like you’re floating in a galaxy far, far away. Those stars stretch into white-hot streaks as…

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Yes, you read that right. There’s a difference between “greatest” and “best.”

Merriam-Webster defines “greatest” as “remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness.” They also define “best” as “one’s maximum effort.”

It makes perfect sense to say Thriller is Michael Jackson’s “greatest” for changing the way we hear and see music. But if you want to see the King of Pop at his “best,” look no further than Smooth Criminal.

Some of you agree with me. Others might think I’ve got one brain cell running laps in my head. (If you’re in that second group, hear me out.)


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