‘Invincible’: The Michael Jackson Story

Chris Lacy
3 min readJan 25, 2023


Photo Credit / Art Direction: Nancy Donald, David Coleman, and Adam Owett

Invincible was for us, the ones that grew up with Michael. He was ours. We watched him, studied him, and respected him. We saw him perform with flawless precision. We saw him fail and lose. We saw him learn and win. We saw a legendary artist become invincible.

Michael said he “was one of the few people in show business who’d been through Hell and back.” He felt that no one could stop him until he was ready.

That’s how he made us feel. It was exhilarating to hear him beat his chest with confidence on Unbreakable.” We heard the magic in his voice again on ballads like Break of Dawn and Heaven Can Wait.”

His swagger on Heartbreaker,” You Rock My World,” and Threatened was intoxicating. We expected it from him; he delivered, and we followed.

Before he announced he was back, MJ wanted to prove he wouldn’t leave his crown behind without a fight. “We originally demoed [Butterflies] with Marsha singing,” assistant engineer Vidal Davis said. “So it was hard for him to hit those notes. We did tons and tons of takes.” Michael did scales for two hours with his vocal coach, Seth Riggs, by phone. Next, he danced to the song’s backing track to psych himself up before re-recording the notes he missed. His desire to adapt and overcome inspired us to do the same.

Then we saw him evolve and take more chances with his art. Whatever Happens sounds like nothing else in his entire catalog. He explored the unexpected arrival of a child with dignity while Carlos Santana made his guitar sing. Michael showed us that comfort zones are beautiful, but nothing grows there.

But his biggest evolution happened when he blossomed into a true father. He was already a father figure to some of us, but Speechless was the truest testament to his character. With a lifetime spent under the spotlight, he maintained a childlike spirit into old age. That’s why we’re sad that he’s no longer here with his children or with us.

But Invincible isn’t about sadness; it’s about appreciation. Celebration. We should feel grateful that we saw Michael Jackson become the King of Pop. We were there while he entertained and educated us on how to reach our full potential. It didn’t matter if we were black or white, male or female, single or married, a celebrity or an ordinary person.

Pez Jax said MJ’s legacy would “continue to influence pop culture, inspire, and leave people in awe.” And that’s the truth! We all have a story about how he affected us from when we were little to this day. We can go back through those moments that now echo in history. Or remember the feelings that ran through us while listening to this album. To say we lived at the same time as Michael Jackson is a blessing.

Mike, we will continue to use everything you taught us. The music, the magic, the memories — they will never fade. One day, we hope to see you in what your baby sister, Janet, calls “The Great Forever.”

Until then, thanks for everything. It’s all for love.

Photo Credit: Michael Jackson | Historical Photos



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